Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Ghouls and beasts and winged things,
Vampires, witches, pumpkin kings;
But even scarier than all of that
Is a sweet little dog dressed up like a bat!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Drag Racing (In Heels)

Halloween doesn't usually make it even into my top five holidays list, but this week is pretty awesome!  Mom made a costume for Charlie - we bought a supercute one last week, but it was too late to get another one in the right size by the time we realized the original was too small.  Then Jon and Charlie and I are going to join the neighborhood parade on Friday, when they close a street near us and all the houses are decorated and the everyone wanders around in costume with candy.

And last night we enjoyed one of DC's classic Halloween traditions: the 17th Annual High Heel Drag Race!  Along with a few friends from work, Jon and I headed to 17th Street near Dupont Circle to watch the most fabulous ladies strut their stuff and then run their padded bras off to claim the honor of being DC's fastest (wo)man in heels.  It was phenomenal!

 photo 866de425-8336-4c63-9efd-1c4dd8bf0e62_zpsafe0d56b.jpg