Friday, September 19, 2014

Frock Fridays: First Date Recreated

Four autumns ago, in celebration of our second anniversary, I blogged the abridged story of how Jon and I met.  Though I kissed him in the darkness of the night we were introduced, in the bright light of the next morning I was mortified by how forward I'd been, and I was cold and aloof when I left his flat and he didn't dare ask for my number.

A few days later, however, he friended me on Facebook.  A week after that, he sent me a message.
Heya, how's it going? Hope you're still enjoying london and the medieval stuff, it's probably much more fun than the shakespeare i'm currently trying to stay awake for! By the way, i'm thinking about spending the next year of my course in the US and columbia is one of the options - i'm sort of veering towards the university of california but was wondering what you think? Anyway, hope all's good with you and let me know if you fancy meeting up at some point xxx
He'd mentioned when we met that he was considering studying abroad, so I wrote back even though I thought the message was just a pretext for a date.  I figured I could nip whatever we'd started in the bud if we hung out platonically and I suggested the least romantic thing I could think of: Starbucks on Villiers Street at 3pm on a Sunday.  I showed up not having made any effort to impress.  I hadn't showered, my hair was pulled back, I wasn't wearing any make-up, and I had thrown on the most basic clothes I owned.

Needless to say, Jon charmed me over coffee that afternoon, and we're coming up on six years since that first date.  And it turns out he prefers me dressed casually, so I think I might recreate the outfit I wore then to pick him up from the airport tonight!  It'll look something like this...

first date

 photo 866de425-8336-4c63-9efd-1c4dd8bf0e62_zpsafe0d56b.jpg

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10 Happy Things

Belle and Whitney tagged me in that "10 things" Instagram challenge that's being passed around, and I decided to turn it into a little blog post!  (I am in awe of those of you who write essays on your phones.  I can't do it - mostly because they're too hard to edit.  Obviously.)  So here you have them:

10 things that make me happy this morning

1. Jon arriving tomorrow!

2. a tidy and organized apartment prepared for cohabitation

3. Charlie's grunts and sighs as he gets comfortable on his bed

4. a long catch-up phone call with my sister

5. the luxury of having fresh flowers in my home every week

6. the new Hunger Games trailer

7. a spontaneous and affectionate email from my best friend in London

8. how everyone has cheered for Jon and me throughout our visa process

9. training for my upcoming 10k and feeling fitter after every run

10. planning Thanksgiving in Charlottesville and Christmas in England

And I'm tagging ten of my favorite Instagrammers to join in.  What's making you happy right now?

Oops - I wrote this on Wednesday night to be go live on Thursday morning and hit "publish" rather than "schedule" so it went up Wednesday night!  Now, on Thursday morning as I add this postscript, Jon really is arriving tomorrow.
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